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Welcome to The Great 10k Berlin!

09th of October 2016

Start: 12.00 pm


To arrive at the Charlottenburg Castle we recommend you to use the public transport:

Adress: Charlottenburg, Altes Schloss
  Spandauer Damm 10-22
  14059 Berlin


U7 until Richard-Wagner-Platz, along by Bus M45 until Schloss Charlottenburg or 15 minutes to walk
S41/S42 until Jungfernheide, along by Bus M45 or 15 minutes to walk or S41/S42 until Westend, along by Bus M45 or 15 minutes to walk


from direction Spandau by Bus M45 directly to the Start or from direction Zoologischer Garten by Bus M45 to the Start


10 k Single Evaluation
2x5 k Relay
800 m Kids Run


Companies scoring:

  • fastest company
  • fastest association
  • Berlin Läuft Cup

Event Shirts

ASICS Grand 10 Berlin 2015 Finisher-Shirt
Front | Back

Event shirts can be ordered with your registration for EUR 20,00 and will be handed out at start documents collection. There is a sticker on the cover of your starting documents that serves as coupon for your preordered event shirt. Additionally the shirts will be on sale at our merchandise booth for 20,00 EUR as well.

If not taking part at this run the shirt can be ordered in our webshop as well. In that case the ordered shirts will be send out right after the event or can be picked up during the event at our merchandise booth.


After crossing the finish line each participant receives its finisher’s medal. The last runner of a relay receives both medals for the team.
If you like and for a small fee, the medal can be engraved in the runners area.

To avoid obstruction all finishers are asked to leave the finish area as quick as possible and don't return. Refreshments (alcoholic beer and water) are available in our runners area.


Please don't forget to pick up your stored clothing bags. Changing-rooms, showers and toilets are all available at the runners area and are signposted. Please take care of all your personal belongings and valuables (including your time-chip).


Rented chips must be returned up until 2.30 pm at the appropriately signposted stands. Chip returns are only possible on race-day.

Kids run

Kids aged between 5 and 12 are allowed to take part at our Kids run. The race distance is about 800 m and starts before the main start at around 11.15 am. The registration fee is 4.00 EUR during the whole registration time. You can register your child online with our online registration form or right at start documents collection or on events day before start.

Late registration

On 7th and 8th of October 2016 at the race document collection:

Karstadt sports
Joachimstalerstraße 5-6
10623 Berlin

10k EUR 27.50
2x5k relay EUR 35.00


On race day (9th of October 2016) up to one hour before the start:

10k EUR 30.00
2x5k relay EUR 40.00

Medical Assistance

If you need medical assistance, please, if possible, try to inform qualified assistance at the start respectively the refreshment point or our staff along the course.


Golazo Sports GmbH on behalf of LAC Olympia ’88 e.V.

Golazo Sports GmbH
Maxdorfer Steig 7
10713 Berlin

Race documents

Race documents collection:

Karstadt sports
Joachimstalerstraße 5-6
10623 Berlin

Friday, 7th October 2016: 2 pm – 8 pm
Saturday, 8th October 2016: 10 am – 6 pm

Additional, we offer to collect the documents, for runners arriving from out of town, on Sunday up to one hour before the race starts.

Race numbers will be issued only upon presentation of your event ticket or personal identification documents. Every participant will also be given a clothes’ bag for safekeeping the personal clothes at the start-/finishing area. Event-Shirts, ordered in advance, can be collected at the exposition area. Besides, and while stocks last there is the possibility to buy a Finisher-Shirt for EUR 20,00.

Whilst collecting the race documents, you also have the chance to register the kids for the 800 m children’s run (registration fee EUR 2,00) for the individual engraving of your finisher’s medal (EUR 8,00 for adults / EUR 4,00 for kids).


The 2x5 k relay will be started together with the 10 k at estimated 12 pm.

Timekeeping will be realised by using Real-Time Champion-Chip, which must be worn by hook-and-loop-tape (Ankle Band) on your ankle. It has to be passed on to be worn by the next member of your relay-team. Every team gets a Ankle Band with their race documents. The tape plus Champion Chip represents although the baton. All teams are asked to give back the band after crossing the finish line.

The start runner starts from the allocated starting block that is printed on his/her BIB. Block allocation depends on his/her relays target time that was given during registration. If there is no time registered the team will be placed at lock 4 automatically.

The baton handover will be at Katharina-Heinroth-Ufer and will be signed. There is also a refreshment point for the start runner as well as toilets.


Each runner is individually responsible for getting to her/his hand-over zone. On events day the BIB of all relay members are valid as ticket for public transport in zones A and B.

Start: Charlottenburg Castle / Underground U2 Sophie-Charlotte-Platz
2nd Runner: Km 5 Underground U2 Zoologischer Garten


Each participant receives a clothing bag which should be marked in the appropriate field with your starting number and with your team position (1 or 2). Please ensure that the number on the clothing bag corresponds exactly to the number on your BIB. Please ensure that you wear the BIB on race-day and that it is in no way altered or tampered with. A transfer or exchange of numbers after the team has been confirmed is not permissible. Transport of the clothing bags will be provided by the organisers with a specially marked car. The car will drive from your starting point to the next hand-over zone (the end of your stretch).

Departure clothing transport Schloss Charlottenburg to hand over-zone 5k: 11.35 am

Departure clothing transport hand over - zone to Schloss Charlottenbrug: 12.00 pm


You can register for the The Great 10k Berlin either online until 5th of October 2016:

or by post and fax

Golazo Sports GmbH
Maxdorfer Steig 7
10713 Berlin

Fax: 030 – 243 199 99

or at the BERLIN LÄUFT- race documents collection on 7th and 8th of October 2016. 

Registration stop

Post or fax: 30th of September 2016
Online: 5th of October 2016


All runners registered by 29th of September 2016 receive a personal BIB with their name and starting block. Registrations after that date will be automatically allocated to block 4.

Registration fee


  10 km 2x5km-Relay
until 31.03.2016 13.00 EUR* 22.00 EUR*
until 01.05.2016 15.00 EUR* 25.00 EUR*
until 30.06.2016 18.00 EUR* 28.00 EUR*
until 04.09.2016 21.00 EUR* 30.00 EUR*
until 05.10.2016 25.00 EUR* 35.00 EUR*
Late registration
at race documents collection day and events day
27.50 EUR*
30.00 EUR*
35.00 EUR*
40.00 EUR*

time keeping (obligatory)
ChampionChip rental

6.00 EUR** 6.00 EUR**
(1 Chip per team)


Kids run 800 m 4.00 EUR*
printed with "The Great 10k Berlin"
20.00 EUR
Medals engraving with name and measured time
for adults
for children

8.00 EUR
4.00 EUR
Year subscription of magazine "aktiv laufen" (six editions) for our special discount price
You will receive the invoice from aktiv laufen.
16.00 EUR


*The administration fee is non-refundable


**rental chips are to be returned behind the finishing-line until 15.00h on race day. Those choosing to keep their chip will be deemed to have bought them and charged EUR 25.- by direct debit.


About two weeks before the event you will get an e-mail with further information and we ask you to doubkle check your registered data.


Results and Certificates

Results and our online certificate service can be found under: approximately two hours after the event finishes.



Each kilometre of the route is clearly signposted. Refreshment stations are arranged at kilometre 6. The station is 100 to 150 metres long with plenty of space for everyone – please chose an empty table to avoid queuing. For the relays will be refreshment station apart at kilometre 5. Water will be on offer. Please throw the empty cups into the nets on the roadside. Toilets are positioned at kilometres 5.


Time limit to accomplish the race: 1h 30min.

Anyone not reaching 5k within the time zone of 45min after the start you are kindly asked to end the race. These runners will be brought by bus to the Charlottenburg Castle. If you need medical assistance, please, if possible, try to inform qualified assistance at the start or the refreshment point.

Please note that the entrainment of buggies is not permissible.

Skater / Walker

Skater, Walker, Nordic Walker or Bikers are not permitted to participate in the race. Counteracting people will be taking off of the race.


The start and finish will be in front of the Schloss Charlottenburg.

Starting time for 10 k and 2x5 k relay is 12.00 pm.

Please arrive in good at the start and use public transportation as there are only limited parking spaces available.


The 10 k and 2x5 k relay races will be started together at 12.00 pm in front of the Charlottenburg Castle!


The starting area is divided by fences into starting blocks B1 to B4. Entry is allowed at 11.30am at the earliest. Zones are allotted according to the runners’ personal bests. Entry to the different blocks will be controlled by race officials. The starting block is shown on the BIB. The BIBr is not transferable; is to be worn clearly visible on the chest and is not to be tampered with in any way. 

There will be toilets, showers and places to hand-in your clothing bags around the starting area. The clothing bag should be marked with the label that is attached to your race number. No responsibility for lost clothes or bags will be accepted by the organisers.


Kids run: Start at 11.15 am in front of Schloss Charlottenburg. The distance is about 800 m.


The timekeeping for the 10 k and the 2x5 k relay is obligatory by using the ChampionChip only. You can either use your own chip, rent (EUR 6.00 EUR) or buy (EUR 31.00 EUR) it with your registration.

The chip must be worn on your shoes, otherwise the timekeeping cannot be guaranteed. Distribution of rented chips takes place along with the race documentation – these chips have to be returned behind the finishing-line by 1pm on the day of the race. Those choosing to keep their chips will be deem to have bought them and charged EUR 25.00 EUR by direct debit. Runners using their own chips are asked to check if the correct chip number has been registered at the distribution of the race documents.

For relays: Individual times will not be taken; only the total time of each team. The chip must be worn on the ankle of the foot and has to be pass to next runner.